FROM: Brett Ingram

Dear Traffic-Starved Marketer,

Are you struggling to generate traffic to your websites?

If you’re like most Internet marketers the answer is YES. It’s the same old story…

You KNOW if you can just get enough traffic
you could make some serious CASH online

So you try some ‘easy’ traffic method you read about or learned in some info product you bought. Maybe it’s:

Google Adwords
pay per click
traffic exchanges
search engine optimization
ezine ads
JV partnering
video marketing
article marketing

–but when you try it, it’s not quite as ‘easy’ as it was claimed to be, and it doesn’t get you more than a trickle of visitors to your site. So, you do the only thing that makes sense–

you try ANOTHER traffic method you read about or got in some product you bought…

And you go through this same cycle until you come to the ONE realization every marketer has to face

Getting traffic is HARD

The truth is, using the usual methods and tactics generating traffic is NOT easy, and it either costs you a TON of money or an insane amount of time–and even THEN doesn’t usually get you enough to make much money.

I know the feeling–you want to throw your hands up in frustration and shout “I QUIT!

You were led to believe and told everywhere you look that getting traffic is ‘easy’ yet when you try any of the ‘easy’ methods they get you nowhere but BROKE and frustrated.

But before you give up on your Internet marketing dream and just accept the fact that you need to work a thankless job for a halfwit boss for the rest of your life…let me share this with you.

You’re Very Close To The BREAKTHROUGH
You’ve Been Searching For

The fact that you’ve been through the struggles, that you’ve taken action and tried stuff, and that you understand the key point in marketing…TRAFFIC is the #1 factor in making money online means you have what it takes to be successful online. You have the intangibles. The traits. The drive.

The Only Thing You’re Missing is the Right TOOL

Viral Traffic Plugin is a software tool so powerful it can help you generate an UNLIMITED supply of FREE traffic

Starting TODAY, you can generate 100% FREE traffic to as many websites as you want, and do it faster and easier than any other way…

Viral Traffic Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to “hide” any content on your site behind a social sharing box…

for visitors to view the content, they just need to +1 it on Google, Like it on Facebook, or Tweet it on Twitter. 1 click and they can view the content…

and YOU get FREE Viral Traffic to Your Site from the Top 3 Social Networks Google+, Facebook, and Twitter!

Viral traffic from social networks is the best quality traffic you can get…because it’s from “word of mouth” referral.

Visitors who click through to your site from the social networks are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. So you get more signups, more sales, and make more money.

Viral Traffic Plugin is the fastest and easiest autopilot traffic generator on the planet!

Check out these amazing features:

  • get up and running in about 3 minutes
  • use on an unlimited number of sites you own
  • get viral traffic from any text, image, or part of any page or post
  • generate free traffic from Google+, Facebook, and Twitter
  • customize the look and feel of the viral traffic box in 1 click
  • choose ANY website to send the viral share traffic to
  • customize the actual content of the +1, Facebook Like, or Tweet
  • stat counter tracks the number of shares so you know how much traffic you’re getting

Viral Traffic Plugin makes it simple to generate hands-free, high quality traffic for your sites. And it is so easy to use, you’ll be up & running in just minutes.

With the Viral Traffic Plugin It’s Just 3 Simple Steps…

That’s it! You just decide what text, image, or video you want Viral Traffic Plugin to hide, and visitors will see sharing icons with a message telling them to share and they will be able to see the hidden content. When they share, it’s whatever website or URL you want. So you get free traffic from Google+, Facebook, and Twitter that easy!

Viral Traffic Plugin Is the Last Traffic Tool You Ever Need…

You can see how powerful Viral Traffic Plugin is yet simple to use too. In just minutes you’ll have this traffic-generating viral plugin up & running. And you can use it on as many sites as you want, and put it on as many posts and pages within those sites too!

Here’s Exactly What You Get…

You get everything you need to generate a continuous flood of FREE targeted traffic for all of your sites.

You get unlimited access to Viral Traffic Plugin and you can use it to generate traffic for an UNLIMITED number of sites. Software this powerful could easily cost $2,000 and be worth every penny because you get a LIFETIME supply of FREE traffic!

But we want you to benefit, and at that price only a select few could afford it…

So when you order now, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the Members Area where you can download the Viral Traffic Plugin software and start using it in just minutes. And you won’t pay close to $2,000.

Order now and get the Full Viral Traffic Plugin software package, LIFETIME UNLIMITED license, and full instructional videos for only $1,997 $997

Just $17

NOTE: To use the Viral Traffic Plugin you need WordPress installed. If you don’t know how don’t worry–we have training in the Members Area for that too!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try Viral Traffic Plugin risk-free for a FULL 60 days. If you don’t believe it’s worth 10 TIMES (10x) your investment, just submit a ticket at our support desk and we’ll deactivate your software and refund your money. You love Viral Traffic Plugin or you don’t pay. It’s that simple…

We’ll even take ALL of the risk! We’ll give you a FULL 60 Days to try Viral Traffic Plugin for yourself–so you can see what a game changer this really is.

If you don’t agree it’s worth 10 TIMES (10x) your investment just submit a ticket and we’ll deactivate your license and refund 100% of your money! No questions asked! You either see results with Viral Traffic Plugin or you don’t pay….

Because Viral Traffic Plugin is unique and super powerful, I’m only going to share it with a small number of serious ACTION TAKERS. This offer may be CLOSED down at any time and without notice. We may or may not reopen, so the only way to GUARANTEE you get your hands on this game changing tool is to act NOW

Because we’re giving away Viral Traffic Plugin at such an amazing value, we will only keep this offer open for a limited time. We will let a select few serious action takers grab this software and experience the absolute transformational results for themselves. But once a small number of marketers get the tool, we will CLOSE this offer. So act NOW–it’s the only way to guarantee you get a copy.

And You’ll Get These BONUSES Free

That’s close to $1,000 MORE value for just these 2 bonuses alone! You’ll have every resource you need to build your Internet business and generate unlimited FREE traffic forever. But only if you act NOW…

YES Brett! I want INSTANT ACCESS to your Viral Traffic Plugin software so I can generate MASSIVE free traffic to all of my sites.

I know I am getting the WordPress plugin software and I will need to setup WordPress to use it :

Viral Traffic Plugin Component


Viral Traffic Plugin UNLIMITED use – generate viral traffic for an unlimited number of websites


Step by Step Video Training – full video walkthru of how to get the most out of Viral Traffic Plugin


Backlink Bootcamp – full training on backlinking, search engine optimization, and getting FREE traffic from search engines




I understand that my purchase is 100% Risk-Free for 60 days, but I must act now because limited Viral Traffic Plugin packages will ever be sold. By acting now, I understand I get unlimited use for just $1,591


Just $17

After checkout, you get INSTANT ACCESS to Viral Traffic Plugin and you can get started in minutes!

Download the software and follow the simple steps to use it and you’ll be getting traffic starting in just minutes!

Your Partner in Success,


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